Noritsu QSS Smart DR-08/DR-12 DryLab

Noritsu QSS Smart DR-08/DR-12

The universal startup printers

The QSS Smart DR-08 and DR-12 are compact desktop printers for one-sided printing. The DR-08 is suitable for paper rolls of up to 8 inches (20 cm) and the DR-12 for paper rolls of up to 12 inches (30 cm). Designed primarily for producing prints, they are suitable for use as single units or in networks with other Noritsu models of the same type (DR-08 and DR-12). They can also be combined with other Noritsu models. This underlines the outstanding flexibility of the Noritsu system. Two print heads, one for black and white and the other for colour, print images of a very high quality with a fixed printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The print heads have a defined service life after which they can be easily replaced by the owner. Replacement is simple and similar to changing a cartridge on consumer printers. No subsequent settings or adjustment are required. When the print head has been replaced, the Smart printer is immediately ready for operation.

The new desktop printer prints with six dye ink colours: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Magenta and Light Cyan. The six ink cartridges, each containing 250 ml, can be easily accessed from the top of the printer. The same applies to the paper roll that is located behind the front cover. Irrespective of the paper width, the paper roll is always 100 metres long. Noritsu not only supplies its own inks for the printer, but also its own paper, which is available in widths of 10.2, 12.7, 15.2 und 20.3 cm for the DR-08, and additionally in the widths 25.4 and 30.5 cm for the DR-12. The DR-08 can produce conventional prints with the formats 8.9/12.7 x 8.9 cm to 20.3 x 30.5 cm, and the DR-12 can produce prints of up to 30.5 x 45.4 cm. The processing range is in fact considerably larger, as the variable paper step length can be increased – depending on the paper width – in millimetre steps up to 2.0 metres (!), for example for panorama prints.

Two output print qualities can be selected – Normal or Image quality priority. The output capacity for the 15 x 10 cm format therefore varies from 180 to 65 prints/h, for the 13 x 9 cm format from 225 to 80 prints and for the 20 x 30 cm format from 41 to 19 prints/h. The DR-12 can also produce prints with a format of 30 x 45 cm at a speed of 18 to 9 prints/h. It is also possible to select one of two profiles, one for higher contrast and brighter inkjet prints and one for prints with an AgX impression.

The printer can be controlled with a printer driver or – conveniently and efficiently in Noritsu system equipment – with the EZ controller. Networking with the same or different Noritsu printers is therefore possible. For example, two or more desktop printers with different paper widths can be conveniently controlled with the EZ controller from one input terminal, increasing output without frequent paper roll replacement. The high variance in air humidity ranging from 5 to 85 per cent is also advantageous. The model can therefore also be reliably operated under demanding environmental conditions.

The robust machines weigh approx. 26.6 kg (DR-08) and 30.7 kg (DR-12) when empty; when equipped with six ink cartridges and the widest paper roll, they weigh up to 36 kg (DR-08) or 40 kg (DR-12). The dimensions of the compact desktop printers are given in the "Dimensions" overview (see below). Including the working area (for maintenance and loading paper), around one square metre is required as a practical working area for each device.


Type Desktop inkjet printer for one-sided printing of paper rolls for image and value-added image production.
Input* Digital image data in file formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW as DNG and S/W, CN and CU material and reflective materials after digitising using optional scanners
Paper widths
Paper step lengths
DR-08: 102, 127, 152, 203 mm
DR-12: 102, 127, 152, 203, 254 and 305 mm
from 8.9 cm to 200 cm max. (using an optional RIP PC)
Processing formats (nominal sizes)** For single-sided printing only
DR-08: from 9x9 cm to 20 x 200 cm***
For single-sided printing only
DR-12: from 9x9 cm to 30 x 200 cm***
Maximum output format (nominal size)** DR-08: Panorama print 20.3 x 30.5/200.0 cm***
DR-12: Panorama print 30.5 x 45.7/200.0 cm***
Processing capacity (nominal output)** 180/65 prints/h 10 x 15 cm depending on the quality setting
41/19 prints/h 20 x 30 cm depending on the quality setting
only DR-12: 18/9 prints/h 30 x 45 cm depending on the quality setting
Printing system Noritsu inkjet technology; pigment inks, 6 colours
Resolution (fixed setting) 1200 x 1200 dpi
Special features DR-08: Paper widths up to 203 mm (8 inches)
DR-12: Paper widths up to 305 mm (12 inches)
Equipped with an internal magazine for 100 metre paper rolls as a standard feature
Space requirements and weight of device DR-08: Net space approx. 0.23 m²; working area with movement zone approx. 1.0 m²
Weight without paper and inks approx. 26.6 kg, with paper and inks approx. 36.0 kg
DR-12: Net space approx. 0.28 m²; working area with movement zone approx. 1.0 m²
Weight without paper and inks approx. 30.7 kg, with paper and inks approx. 40.0 kg
Power connection and output DR-08: 230 V AC socket/16A
Electrical power 300 VA/watts
DR-12: 230 V AC socket/16A
Electrical power 350 VA/watts
System-compatible accessories (optional) Film scanner Noritsu models LS-600, LS-1100, HS-1800; RIP*-PC (Raster Image Processor); Noritsu customer terminal and retailer/customer order processing software
Additionally Easy operation and combination with EZ Controller, an up-to-date control computer (workstation); network-enabled via RIP PC

Comments on *

Input at EZ Controller or system-compatible HPT terminal using currently available digital storage media (detailed, binding compatibility and capacity specifications of storage media as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual).

Comments on **

Detailed, binding processing format and performance specifications as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual.
Devices may vary depending on country and equipment, and may deviate in individual points from the data specified here.

Comments on ***

Max. step length 200.0 cm using an optional RIP-PC

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