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Noritsu Hpt Kiosk

HPT Customer Terminal

Convenient job acceptance

A decisive component in the acceptance of images and a job in a specialist photo shop is the customer terminal. The customers must be able to operate it easily and the data should be read-in and transferred to the processing system quickly. The “CT Dell” meets these requirements. After all – in line with advances in data processing technology – it is always delivered with up-to-date hardware components when installed at the location of the photographic retailer or photographer. The technical specifications listed below are therefore not “carved in stone”, but will be adjusted from time to time.

The “CT Dell” is system-compatible with all current and older digital devices from the Noritsu device range (from QSS-3001) as well as with its in-house “Photo&Book“ and “HPT” software. The terminal is currently the only one on the German market with fast 64-bit technology and speedy USB 3.0 connections. The 23 inch touch-screen monitor also houses the computer equipment, making integration in the respective shop equipment easier. The memory card bar is fixed to the monitor and reads Compact Flash, Secure Digital, xD Picture Card and Memory Sticks up to 3.0. The “CT Dell” can also transfer images data from smart phones and an iPad via an adapter cable or Bluetooth connection. The “CT Dell” can even access image data the customer has stored externally in a cloud.

Naturally, the “CT Dell” can also read-out TIFF and RAW data and show them as images on the monitor, allowing the consumer to directly order images and value-added photo products from this image data. An Epson TM-200 receipt printer is available as an optional accessory. It can be connected to the terminal with a USB 2.0 port.

There is a practical connection on the HPT customer terminal to transfer image data from smart phones and tablets from various manufacturers and models – including iPad and iPhone. To do this, the consumer simply connects his/her mobile device with the corresponding connection plug to the station. It is fitted with an adapter cable that accepts the three most common connection plugs. After transferring the data to the HPT terminal, the consumer can – as accustomed – select and order his/her images.


Computer Dell Optiplex 7440 AIO Touch;
Intel Core i7-6700 (Quad Core, 3.4 GHz, 8 MB, AMD Radeon R7 A370 graphics, 2GB)
Main memory
Hard drive*
8 GB (2x4 GB) 2133 MHz DDR3L;
500 GB hard drive (7,200 rpm)
Optical drive
Slimline DVD+/-RW drive;
Intel Dual Band Wireless 8260 (802.11ac) + Bluetooth 4.2
Touch screen*
Dell AIO - 23 inch
Capacitive (system-compatible with currently available Noritsu devices)
Operating system Windows 7 SP1 Professional, German/English/French (64-bit OS)
Software Kiosk “High Photo Transfer” (“HPT”) and “Photo&Book”
Device connection USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections, network connection on CT
Via card reader bar AFT DR 7.3 media drive (USB 3.0) underneath the monitor and using adapter cable, e.g. for smart phones
Digital image data in file formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW as DNG and S/W, CN and CU material and reflective materials after digitizing using optional scanners, with additional connection of manufacturer and model-dependent mobile terminal equipment by cable or Bluetooth
Image output Via Noritsu minilabs, inkjet devices, IP-64 thermal printer
Footprint and weight Net floor space approx. 0.5 m²; approx. 6 kg
Power connection At 230 V AC socket with 3-wire AC power cable fitted with cold-device plug
System-compatible accessories (optional) Receipt printer TM-200 (USB)
Additionally Easy to operate by consumers; network-enabled at Noritsu systems

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Models and components may be replaced at any time by Mümken Sales GmbH – even without previous notification. Detailed, binding technical specifications as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual. Devices may vary depending on country and equipment and may deviate in individual points from the data specified here.

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Detailed, binding compatibility and capacity specifications of the storage media as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual.

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